Curve smoothing / fitting

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Latifa Bouguessaa
Latifa Bouguessaa on 25 Jul 2022
Commented: Latifa Bouguessaa on 26 Jul 2022
Hi guys,
I need your help again.
how can i smooth or fitting my curve?
Many Thanks

Answers (1)

the cyclist
the cyclist on 25 Jul 2022
Do you mean you want a smooth line that goes through all the points? You could fit a spline:
% Set seed for reproducibility
rng default
% The data
x = 1:6;
y = rand(size(x));
% Fit a spline
xq = 1:0.1:6;
s = spline(x,y,xq);
% Plot
If you mean you want to fit some functional form (like maybe a square wave?) to the data, you'll need to give us more info. Also, uploading the data will help.

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