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shobhit mehrotra
shobhit mehrotra on 10 Feb 2015
Answered: Hikaru on 10 Feb 2015
I have a matrix
A= [ 1 3 5 7 33 23 44 55 55]
I want to find the index of the maximum value, so I used this line
A= find( A == max(A(:)))
However this displays both indices (8 & 9) since they both have a value of 55, however I want it to only list the first index, 8. How would I go about that?

Accepted Answer

Hikaru on 10 Feb 2015
The function max alone is sufficient, you don't have to use find for this sort of problem.
[Y,I] = max(A)
The variable I will return the index of the first maximum value.

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