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Is there a way to save a value to .mat file in simevents?

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I am trying to save a value from my simevents model to .mat file. I am using 'save' to save variable to .mat file (for ex, save fileName.mat variableName), but I am getting this error:
Function 'save' not supported for code generation.
When I add coder.extrinsic('save') and run the code, I get this error:
The coder.extrinsic directive cannot be applied to 'save'. Remove the call to coder.extrinsic for this function.
Is there a way to make this work? Thank you.

Answers (1)

Shuba Nandini
Shuba Nandini on 7 Sep 2023
I understand you want to save the data into a MAT file from SimEvents model. Unfortunately, the “save” command is not supported for code generation. You can use file I/O function that is supported for code generation. You can use fwrite()” function for binary files, and fprintf” function for text files to load the data into .mat file.
Please refer to the following documentation links to know more about “fwrite” and “fprintf” functions:
Hope this helps!
Shuba Nandini


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