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Matpower Error in running OPF

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Ayman Esmat
Ayman Esmat on 11 Feb 2015
Answered: SAKHR Alhendi on 10 Apr 2021
Hello Everybody,
I have a problem with Matpower. When I try to run a normal power flow (pf) on a simple case from the preinstalled cases from the Matpower like case 30 for example it runs properly. But when i try to run the optimal power flow (opf) for the same case it gives me the following errors.
MATPOWER Version 5.0, 17-Dec-2014 -- AC Optimal Power Flow Error using have_fcn>vstr2num Too many input arguments.
Error in have_fcn (line 185) if vstr2num(v.Version) >= 6.005
Error in opf_execute (line 80) if have_fcn('pdipmopf')
Error in opf (line 225) [results, success, raw] = opf_execute(om, mpopt);
Error in runopf (line 96) [r, success] = opf(casedata, mpopt);
I did not change any input data or any variable from the case.. And I installed the Matpower file as it should be, I unzipped it in the Matlab document files.
The strange thing is that it runs pf but not opf.
So any suggestions..?
Thanks in advance

Answers (1)

SAKHR Alhendi
SAKHR Alhendi on 10 Apr 2021
does any one can answer this q ? please


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