Plotting the function on a Sphere?

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Jagadeesh Korukonda
Jagadeesh Korukonda on 17 Aug 2022
Commented: Torsten on 22 Aug 2022
Let me explain, what I'm actually solving.
I'm solving Diffusion-Reaction equation(3D) in spherical coordinates.
I'm solving this equation numerically. So at the end I'm getting , r, θ, ϕ.
So I want to plot this function on a sphere( - plane) instead of palne
Can anyone help in this regard?
Thanks in advance.

Answers (1)

KSSV on 17 Aug 2022
Edited: KSSV on 17 Aug 2022
r = 1 ;
th = linspace(0,2*pi) ;
phi = linspace(0,pi) ;
[T,P] = meshgrid(th,phi) ;
X = r*cos(T).*sin(P) ;
Y = r*sin(T).*sin(P) ;
Z = r*cos(P) ;
axis equal
Torsten on 22 Aug 2022
What do you think: why does the surface of the sphere have different colors ?

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