Physics-informed NN for parameter identification

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Dear all,
I am trying to use the physics-informed neural network (PINN) for an inverse parameter identification for any ODE or PDE.
I am wondering does PINN could extract the identified parameters (coefficients in the PDE). Unfortunately, I do not know how to convert the identified parameters in NN to the real parameters.
Thanks in advance.

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Ben on 24 Aug 2022
Hi Dawei,
The PINN in that example is assuming the PDE has fixed coefficients. To follow the method of Raissi et al. you can consider a parameterized class of PDEs, e.g. for the Burger's equation you can consider:
The method is then to simply minimize the loss with respect to both the neural network learnable parameters, and the coefficients .
To adapt the example you can extend the parameters in the Define Deep Learning Model section:
parameters.lambda = dlarray(0); = dlarray(-6);
Next you will need to modify the modelLoss function to replace the line f = Ut + U.*Ux - (0.01./pi).*Uxx with the following:
lambda = parameters.lambda;
mu = exp(;
f = Ut + lambda.*U.*Ux - mu.*Uxx;
Finally you will have to fix the computation for numLayers in the model function, as adding lambda and mu to parameters invalidated it. I simply did the following:
numLayers = (numel(fieldnames(parameters))-2)/2;
This will make the example similar to the author's code. I didn't get very good results for coefficient identification when I tried this, this is possibly due to differences in the options between fmincon and the author's use of ScipyOptimizerInterface. I'm trying that out currently, but hopefully this much will help you get started.
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Dawei Liang
Dawei Liang on 24 Aug 2022
Dear Ben,
Much appreciate your great help and effort. I will modify the code according to your suggestion.
Meanwhile, I'd be grateful if you could update the progress when it still can be improved .
Best wishes,

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