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Use Matlab to get a dc voltage through microphone jack

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Miguel Lopes
Miguel Lopes on 21 Feb 2015
Commented: Miguel Lopes on 21 Feb 2015
I have a photoresistor that basically will output between 0 and 1V and I connected it to a microphone jack. Now I wanted to know the value of that voltage.
It doesn't need to be very precise, all I need is to distinguish between shadow and sun. Also, it doesn't need to be continuously, it's only for a short period from time to time.
Using, for instance, the daqscope, i can't see the dc signal, i can only see waves if I move in front of the photoresistor quickly.
Can anyone help me??


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Rushikesh Tade
Rushikesh Tade on 21 Feb 2015
I have not tried it but in description it is written that it can plot amplitude values of Audio.

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Miguel Lopes
Miguel Lopes on 21 Feb 2015
Thanks for the help, but I think what I want is impossible, not due to Matlab limitations, but because the sound card in computers has a high pass filter, which doesn't allow any dc signal to go through. I found it out yesterday, so I hope this helps anyone with the same problem as me.

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