How to save all the simulated iterations (output of loop) togather?

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This is my code and each and five out parameters are vp0, vs0, rh0, qp0, qs0 each of size (115*50). I want to save out put vp0, vs0, rh0, qp0, qs0 as of size (115 50) but instead each time I have to change k as from 1 then 2, 3 and so on...
Simply means, each time I have to save individual vp0(1), vp0(2), vp0(3) and so on... How I can save vp0(115*5) all togather?
for k=1:50
print k
msim = mvnrnd(Mu_m, Sigma_m)';
msimlogs = reshape(msim,nt,5);
h1=subplot(1,5,1); hold on; plot(msimlogs(:,1),t); hold on; plot(vp0,t,'k','LineWidth',1.5); title('Simulated V_P'); ylim([1852 1965]);
h2=subplot(1,5,2); hold on; plot(msimlogs(:,2),t); hold on; plot(vs0,t,'k','LineWidth',1.5); title('Simulated V_S'); ylim([1852 1965]);
h3=subplot(1,5,3); hold on; plot(msimlogs(:,3),t); hold on; plot(rho0,t,'k','LineWidth',1.5); title('Simulated Rho'); ylim([1852 1965]);
h4=subplot(1,5,4); hold on; plot(msimlogs(:,4),t); hold on; plot(qp0,t,'k','LineWidth',1.5); title('Simulated Q_P'); ylim([1852 1965]);
h5=subplot(1,5,5); hold on; plot(msimlogs(:,5),t); hold on; plot(qs0,t,'k','LineWidth',1.5); title('Simulated Q_S'); ylim([1852 1965]);
msimsave(:,:,k) = msimlogs;
set(h1,'YDir','Rev'); set(h2,'YDir','Rev'); set(h3,'YDir','Rev'); set(h4,'YDir','Rev'); set(h5,'YDir','Rev');
vp0 = msimsave(:,1,3); vs0 = msimsave(:,2,3); rho0 = msimsave(:,3,3); (can I get here all k, instead 1 array)
qp0 = msimsave(:,4,3); qs0 = msimsave(:,5,3);
save Initial_model.mat vp0 vs0 rho0 qp0 qs0;
k --- is plotted below

Accepted Answer

William Rose
William Rose on 9 Sep 2022
Make a 3D array.
for i=1:5
vp0=rand(115,50); %compute vp0
vp0all(:,:,i)=vp0; %save the currnt vp0 in 3D array
Try it.

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