Computer Vision Tool Box License 문의

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Bong Ki Son
Bong Ki Son on 14 Sep 2022
Answered: Shuba Nandini on 7 Sep 2023
회사에서 Network License로 Matlab을 사용하고 있습니다.
하지만 Computer Vision Tool Box 라이센스는 없어서 사용을 못하고 있는데요.
Matlab은 Network License로 사용하면서 Tool Box를 따로 구매하여 개인 라이센스로 설치할 수 있나요?

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Shuba Nandini
Shuba Nandini on 7 Sep 2023
I understand you want to purchase an individual toolbox for an existing network license. You cannot combine an Individual or Designated Computer toolbox license with a Network license. In order to use the toolbox, you could:
  • Purchase the toolbox license for the Concurrent or Network Named User license at your company or university.
  • Purchase your own individual copy of MATLAB as well as an individual copy of the new toolbox.
For more help, then please contact MathWorks Technical Support using MathWorks Technical Support
Hope this helps!
Shuba Nandini


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