How do I extract x&y axes data from a raster plot?

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I am looking to extract the x time points at which there are dots for each y. Please give a solution to do this.

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William Rose
William Rose on 30 Sep 2022
@ar, I assume these are action potential times for a set of neurons. What is the format of the data? Do you only have an image? (Digitizing the data from a figure in journal article? I've done that...) If so, and if you are doing this repeatedly from multiple similar images, then this is an image processing problem, and you will want to become acquanted with Matlab's excellent tools for that. If you only have to do it for one image, then I recommend using a digitizing program. In a digitizing program, you click on axis points to define the axes, then you click on each data point, and the scaled x,y coordinates get saved as a text file. I wrote my own program for this in Labview. It works well, even for skewed images. If you have Labview and want it, mail me. There's probably a good digitizing program in the Matlab File Exchange - try searching there.
If you have the data which was used to make the plot shown, then it should be fairly trivial to extract the action potential times.
Please attach a file to show what the data format is. Good luck.
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William Rose
William Rose on 30 Sep 2022
@ar, Search the Matlab File Exchange for "digitize" here. The first two results look promising - especially the first result, which has many positive reviews. It says it has an "automatic" option, which could be good for you.

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