Print HTML to PDF from Webview

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Fabien Massé
Fabien Massé on 3 Oct 2022
Answered: Vijay on 14 Oct 2022
I have a .html file running some JavaScript, and I need to export it as a .pdf. So far :
1) I manage to get a view from the Matlab built-in webviewer with : [STAT, BROWSER, URL] = web('index.html')
2) I exported the page in pdf using the "print" icon of the WebView. This is exactly what I need, unless I need to this programmatically. The BROWSER object is a WebPage object, and seems to have several interresting methods (such as "print"), but I can not find any documentation for this.
Anyone has an idea ? I am also open to any other possibility for exporting the pdf from my html. I've also tried the report generator and wkhtmltopdf, but without any success (because of the javascript part I guess).
Thanks !

Answers (1)

Vijay on 14 Oct 2022
This question has already been asked.
Refer to the following MATLAB Answers link for the same query

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