How to write data to text file with the same space before and after values?

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Hi, I want to write data to text file using fprintf. I want to get the output like the the attachment (expected). However, I got an output with messy space (result). Is there a way to handle this matter? I would very appreciate it.

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KSSV on 8 Oct 2022
You need to proceed like shown below.
A = rand(4) ;% Demo matrix
[mrows, ncols] = size(A) ;
fmt = [repmat('%f ', 1, ncols) '\n'] ;
fprintf(fmt, A.')
0.083855 0.056709 0.874155 0.832302 0.279760 0.150683 0.822811 0.093508 0.877169 0.828942 0.578860 0.973929 0.607329 0.494551 0.707804 0.998606

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