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Systems with two different execution rates

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I want to simulate 2 models that execute at 2 different rates
System 1 output (at 20 ms) is an input to system 2 (which executes at 10 ms), and system 2 output goes back to system 1 as a feedback signal.
How can this be accomplished in Simulink environment?
Thanks in anvance!

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Oct 2022
If what you have is two blocks (or subsystems) both inside the same model, then you could use rate transition block .
I am not familiar enough with Simulink to know all of the conditions under which blocks can end up running at different rates. I know that when you use a Simulink buffer block or a conversion between pixel streams and frames such as convertToFrames that the other side of the block is considered to run at a different rate.
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Samy Alkhayat
Samy Alkhayat on 21 Oct 2022
I think this should fulfill the purpose of my application. Thank you!

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Paul on 18 Oct 2022
Hi Samy,
Are you intending to have one model reference the other via a Model block?
If so, and if you have at least R2022a, I suggest you check out this blog post, the comments at the bottom, and the links to the relevant doc pages. If you don't have 2022a, I don't think it can be done (I could be wrong).
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Samy Alkhayat
Samy Alkhayat on 21 Oct 2022
Hi Paul,
Thanks for sharing the blog, unfortunately, I don't have this feature in the MATLAB version I have.
Thank you.

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