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How to set vehicle parameters(ex. mass) in UAV toolbox HITL Examples

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Hello, everyone
I'm Park, I have studied Desiging drone controllers using UAV toolbox.
and I am following this examples :
and I followed every step in the examples.
So I want to design controllers, but I don't know how to change vehicle specifications.
The controllers' gains are changed by mass, moment of inertias.
How I change vehicle specifications in jmavsim HITL simulation?
I checked the PX4's parameter list through Qgroundcontrol, but I couldn't find related parameters.

Accepted Answer

Manoj Velmurugan
Manoj Velmurugan on 4 Nov 2022
  • Open Firmware\Tools\jMAVSim\src\me\drton\jmavsim\
  • Look for 'vehicle.setMomentOfInertia' line and edit the vehicle properties. Save the file
  • Relaunch jMAVSim ./Tools/ -l

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