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How do I display Tiled Layouts properly?

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Chad on 10 Nov 2022
Answered: Jeff Miller on 10 Nov 2022
I'm trying to display a collection of CFD plots using a tiled layout and I want to print it directly to PDF in-code, but when I do that the proportions of everything comes off terribly wrong. Here's the code I'm using...
t = tiledlayout(4,2,"TileSpacing","loose","OuterPosition",[0 0 1 1],"Padding","compact");
%bunch of nexttiles for plots
title = "Mach "+Mo+" Number"+".pdf"
And this is what I get:
But if I open the tiled layout directly from the figure view in MatLab, it turns out the way it should, as such:
Obviously, I could just copy and paste all day, but I need to do this iteratively. How can I adjust the settings so that it outputs to pdf properly? Thanks in advance!

Answers (1)

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 10 Nov 2022
I haven't used tiled layouts yet so this may be way off-base, but something like the following has solved similar scaling problems for me:
f1 = figure(1);
% whatever you want to draw the figure
title = "Mach "+Mo+" Number"+".pdf"


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