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How do I fix the loading bar while adding an axis on appdesigner?

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I'm creating an app in app desinger to display some plots to the user. I had to close the application to download a package and when I opened it the axes I had made were gone. When I try to replace them I get a loading bar that won't go away. I can't edit any of the axes component details or even delete them while the loading bar is there.
I can add other componets that are not axes. I have tried closing and opening the program. How can I fix this problem?
Caroline Torgersen
Caroline Torgersen on 7 Dec 2022
I've noticed that when I hover over the saved file, it displayes the app as it was before the axes dissapeared. So, I don't know if that means they are still saved, but simply not displaying.
Thomas Dankert
Thomas Dankert on 20 Dec 2022
Did you ever resolve your issue? I am having the same problem and haven't solved been able to solve it yet.

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Answers (1)

Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 3 Dec 2022
Edited: Eric Delgado on 3 Dec 2022
Hummm... I'll try to list what worked for me when I had to deal with an issue like yours.
  • Update my OS (old versions of Win10 are sucks with Matlab!)
  • Try to change the rendering of Matlab using opengl (see the doc of the function) from software to hardware.
  • Execute matlab as admin (and disable the antivirus of your computer just to test it).


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