Interpolating data in 1D with 2D sample points and a 2D matrix

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I have a matrix of Temperatures ( T - [120xN] ) at different heights ( H - [120xN] ). I want to obtain the Temperatures at a set vector of heights ( Hnew - [100x1] ], where N is the total number of lines I want to independently interpolate in 1D.
I can solve this with a loop quite easily
Tnew = zeros(length(Hnew),N);
for i-1:N
Tnew(:,i) = interp1(H(:,i),T(:,i),Hnew);
But since I have many iterations to perform (N ~ 2 million), I am looking for a solution without a loop.
What is the optimum way to do this?

Accepted Answer

Vijay on 30 Dec 2022
The use of loop does not create any performance disadvantage. The bottleneck is the interpolation part. If your computer has large number of cores, >4, then you can utilize parfor pragma to parallelize your loop.
Tnew = zeros(length(Hnew),N);
for i-1:N
Tnew(:,i) = interp1(H(:,i),T(:,i),Hnew);
Please use the link below for more information
Hope that helps

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