Tune Arduino using XCP over CAN

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Hello, I am trying to use Arduino MKR 1000 with CAN sheild as Dummy ECU for my testing. I want to be able to do XCP over CAN for my testing. How do I enable this when generating code?

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Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 13 Dec 2022
Hi Midhulesh,
XCP over CAN is not supported on Arduino hardware. But you can use CAN blocks in the model to communicate on CAN network.
Hope this helps!
Mohith Prabhu
Mohith Prabhu on 15 Dec 2022
Hello Midhulesh
The TI C2000 family of hardware have the support for XCP over CAN.
You can refer to this documentation page for more details on the XCP over CAN support on TI C2000.
More deatils about the TI C2000 support can be found here.

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