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Optimization problem code sos please help

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Melika Eft
Melika Eft on 21 Dec 2022
Answered: Alan Weiss on 22 Dec 2022
I need to write a code for this formula but I don’t have any idea how to describe 7 subject to; and which function ,
to use please help me because I’m new to optimization problem
Torsten on 21 Dec 2022
As noted, you gave an incomplete problem description. So how should I answer questions before I know the problem ?
Melika Eft
Melika Eft on 21 Dec 2022
Edited: Melika Eft on 21 Dec 2022
So It can reformulated as this
where the objective of P1 is to minimize the transmit power of BS. Constraint A8 and constraint A9 guarantee the minimum rate of R1 and R2, respectively. Constraint A10 limits the transmit power of BS while constraint (A11) is the power allocation limit of R1 and R2

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Answers (1)

Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss on 22 Dec 2022
Have you seen the Problem-Based Optimization Workflow? This approach allows you to create optimization variables as symbolic-type placeholders, and then formulate your objective and constraint functions in terms of those variables. There are plenty of worked examples of nonlinear problems here.
Good luck,
Alan Weiss
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