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How to Establish a path trajectory for a quadruped robot in simscape multibody?

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Hi there,
i have created a simplified quadruped model in simscape multibody and now would like it to follow a half-circle path or a curve. This in such way that the legs and the torso of the robot are walking accordingly while following the trajectory. I was thinking about modelling a curved solid and create a contact with the legs and the floor. Even though I was not able to model a curved path, i do think that this won't have made the robot automatically follow the path.
Which tool can i use to make the quadruped robot achieve this?
Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 12 Feb 2023
If the outer legs are taking larger steps than the inside legs, it may follow a curve even without a controller. If you want it to follow a specific path, a controller will be required to help it take the right sized steps. The ratio in size of (outer step/inner step) will depend a bit on how sharp the curve is and the friction parameters, as well as the design of the robot and its gait.

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