How to create personal data matrix using x = gen_clusterdata(pNO)?

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The question for my assignment is as follows:
Use the MATLAB code “gen_clusterdata” to generate a personal data matrix. Use the MATLAB command: x = gen_clusterdata(pNO), where pNO will be your phone number. This codewill generate a data matrix x of 4 columns that represent the features and n rows that would represent the objects / cases.
I've been doing an exercise on k-means clustering and typically create a random dataset when practicing k-means and clustering. I'm unsure what this question means since I can't find a command like this in the MathWorks documentation either. It's mandatory to do it as the question says, so any guidance would be appreciated! I've basically completed everything required but since I didn't understand what this question means, I just generated a random dataset temporarily. After communicating with the teacher of the course they said that I'm supposed to use this command so I'm genuinely confused sincce I'm unsure how to go about it.

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Aditya Jha
Aditya Jha on 17 Jan 2023
We do not have any function called gen_clusterdata use clusterdata instead.
>> T1 = clusterdata(X,3);
For more details on “clusterdatarefer to the following documentation:


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