How can I differentiate in app designer?

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Hello, I am unable to differentiate a function of x in the app designer specifically. I can do so in the base command window, yet I run into issues trying to do so in the app designer. The app returns with several seemingly random values. I have my code posted below. Any help is greatly appreciated. For context, I am trying to create an app that will differentiate any function of x, and later I plan to have it evaluate both graphs at a given point of x.
function ExecuteButtonValueChanged(app, event)
syms x
f = app.FxEditField.Value;
fplot(app.graph, f);

Accepted Answer

Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 22 Mar 2023
You missed the string to symbolic expression convertion...
% Instead of:
f = app.FxEditField.Value;
% Try:
f = str2sym(app.FxEditField.Value);

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