How to select specific rows of data from .mat file containing multiple column vectors

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I have a .mat file containning 36 column vectors, each column vector is 1000 rows*1 column. These column vectors are named as A_1, A_2, A_3, ..., A_36. How can I select data from rows 100 to 499 in these column vectors in batches?

Answers (2)

Marina Batlló RIus
Marina Batlló RIus on 22 Mar 2023
You should use a for loop to get the data from each of the columns, and use cell callers to get the desired rows:
newdata = {}
for i in range(len(data))
newdata{i} = data{i}(100:499,:)

Stephen23 on 22 Mar 2023
F = 'name of your mat file';
S = load(F);
D = structfun(@(v)v(100:499),S, 'uni',0)


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