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How to reproduce identical tab whenever button is clicked?

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I have created an app using AppDesigner Tool. I want to reproduce the tab shown in following figure in identical configuration whenever button is clicked. How can I achive this?
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chrisw23 on 28 Mar 2023 of x possibilities
Store each uiControl state on button click in private properties (structure of your choice) and compare with current settings on next click. Define your initial tab setting in the startup function.

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Accepted Answer

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 28 Mar 2023
Set the Callback of Button pushed function as follows:
% Button pushed function: Button
function duplicateTab(app, event)
obj = allchild(app.Tab); % Find all childrens from the 1st tab
newtab = uitab(app.TabGroup,'Title',app.Tab.Title); % Create a new tab with the same title
copyobj(obj,newtab); % Copy all objects to the new tab

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