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How to change the dimensions of a matrix?

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Shayma Al Ali
Shayma Al Ali on 14 Apr 2023
Answered: Dave B on 14 Apr 2023
I have a list of matrices with dimensions of time x latitude x longitude (733x311x720). I'd prefer the matrices to have dimensions of latitude x longitude x time (311x720x733) that way I can concatenate all of them into one matrix and organize them by time. Is there any way I can do this? I read about reshape but I'm not sure it'll do what I want.

Answers (1)

Dave B
Dave B on 14 Apr 2023
You could use permute to do this, though it's maybe worth noting that you can concatenate matrices regardless of the shape (you might want the cat function to help)
y=permute(x, [3 1 2])
y =
y(:,:,1) = 1 2 3 13 14 15 y(:,:,2) = 4 5 6 16 17 18 y(:,:,3) = 7 8 9 19 20 21 y(:,:,4) = 10 11 12 22 23 24


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