how to get a colour image while reconstruction from R,G and B component.

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when i try to reconstruct a colour image of size M x N, and display it using imshow command, i am getting a image in greyscale of size M x 3N. i understand the logic that 3N is because of RGB component. but how can i convert the M x 3N (greyscale image) into M x N (colour image) using matlab?
Kindly help me..!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Mar 2015
If the individual color channel images are stitched side-by-side, then extract them and turn them into a 3D color image
leftImage = grayImage(:, 1:N);
middleImage = grayImage(:, N+1:2*N);
rightImage = grayImage(:, 2*N1:3*N);
rgbImage = cat(3, leftImage, middleImage, rightImage);

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