Sort elements in cell array in descending order

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I hava a cell containing three row vectors and I would like to sort each vector in descending order.
Other than using a loop, is there a way to do this with the cellfun function? bc it automatically does it in ascending order.
This is the code that I used using cellfun.
thank you!
new_cell_array = cellfun(@sort, cell_array, 'UniformOutput', false);

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 11 May 2023
fun = @(v) sort(v,'descend');
new_cell_array = cellfun(fun, cell_array, 'UniformOutput', false);
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Panos Kerezoudis
Panos Kerezoudis on 11 May 2023
perfect thank you!
so for my learning, @(v) enables me to use/specify an existing function prior to inputting into cellfun?

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