Direct Torque Control of induction motor using SVM

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Can somebody provide me material related to direct torque control of induction motor using SVM. Or any model file etc
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Dec 2011
Suresh wrote, "For the direct torque control of induction machines,there is an demo available in the matlab directory...just take that as a reference and do the further changes as what u wish 2 do....if u need further help,pls contact me at"

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Dr. Siva Malla
Dr. Siva Malla on 31 May 2012
see this material....then you can make it easy...
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belkheir seed
belkheir seed on 21 Jun 2015
can send me DTC-SVM of five phases induction motor

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Khaled Kouider
Khaled Kouider on 16 Jun 2017
@Siva Malla
please, can you help me with it.........I tried but no way


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