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How to thicken a line separately for the parallelplot of matlab?

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For the parallel coordinate diagram of matlab, this diagram contains many lines. I want to change the width of only one line to make it wider. How can I write the code?
Thanks you!
For example, I want to change the width of the line marked by the red arrow. How should I write the code? I've been thinking for a long time, but the problem has not been solved!
load patients
tbl = table(Diastolic,Smoker,Systolic);
p = parallelplot(tbl)

Accepted Answer

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 7 Jun 2023
Separate the data into two groups as follows:
Age = randi(50,[100,1]); % Random data
Height = randi(180,[100,1]); % Random data
Weight = randi(100,[100,1]); % Random data
X = [Age Height Weight];
bins = {'normal','thick'}; % Two groups of data
Nselect = 27; % For example, you want data #27 to be a thick line
gp = repelem({'normal'},1,size(X,1));
gp{Nselect} = 'thick'; % Set #27 to be thick
p = parallelplot(X);
p.GroupData = gp; % Set the groupdata
p.LineWidth = [0.5 3]; % Set the line width
p.LegendVisible = 'off'; % Disable the legend if you don't want it to appear
RYXChen on 8 Jun 2023
Thank you very much. This problem has been solved. May I ask another question? Can parallelplot modify the length of tick marks? I want to shorten the tick marks.
Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 9 Jun 2023
Checked the documentation and it seems that there is no property related to the tick mark that can be adjusted. May be some other people in the Community knows any workaround about that.

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