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change size of rectangles in full screen

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piero on 10 Jun 2023
Commented: claudio on 20 Aug 2023
in the photo on the left when the window is the photo on the right when I enlarge the window to full screen

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claudio on 10 Jun 2023
handle = findall(0,'type','uispinner');
handle.outerPosition = [xx yy width heigth];
piero on 10 Jun 2023
hi i receive this erro
Unrecognized function or variable 'xx'.
in [xx yy width heigth] what value i write?
claudio on 20 Aug 2023
xx = coordinate along x axis
yy = coordinate along y axis

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 10 Jun 2023
Check this:
One way is to set AutoResizeChildren of uifigure to off.

chicken vector
chicken vector on 10 Jun 2023
Use uigridlayout to customise these parameters and have autmatic scalability when you change figure's dimensions.
You can set scalable or pixel width:
uif = uifigure;
uig = uigridlayout(uif, [3 3]);
uig.RowHeight = {'1x',20,'1x'};
uig.ColumnWidth = {'1x',50,'1x'};
uis = uispinner(uig);
uis.Layout.Row = 2;
uis.Layout.Column = 2;
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piero on 10 Jun 2023
Edited: piero on 10 Jun 2023
It's correct to write here your code?
If i execute code i don't see difference

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piero on 10 Jun 2023


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