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change default parpool in matlab.rc

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Gerard on 15 Jun 2023
Answered: Raymond Norris on 15 Jun 2023
The parpool documentation indicates: With default preferences, MATLAB® starts a pool on the local machine with one worker per physical CPU core up to the limit set in the default profile. For more information on parallel preferences, see Specify Your Parallel Preferences.
This is too many with our many core / many user servers. Can the default be changed adminstratively via the toolbox/local/matlab.rc file?

Answers (1)

Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris on 15 Jun 2023
R2023a added a Property to your profile, PreferredPoolNumWorkers, which defaults to
Therefore, if NumWorkers is e.g., 256, the default size will be 32. NumWorkers (typically) maps to the number of MATLAB Parallel Server licenses you own.
If you want to override this default, set PreferredPoolNumWorkers to a more preferred value.


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