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can you tell me what is the use of Pack Data IP --> Pack vector and how is it working?

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FOllwing is the Matlab Function code under Pack Vector, I want to understand it and what acctually it is doing?
function y = pack_vector(u)
assert(isreal(u),'Expected input to be real');
N = coder.const(numel(u));
temp = coder.nullcopy((cast_to_fi(zeros([N 1],'like',u))));
% Interleave real/imag
for ii=N:-1:1
temp(N-ii+1) = u(ii);
y = bitconcat(temp);

Accepted Answer

Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 20 Jun 2023
I believe this code uses bitconcat to concatenate all the elements of the vector into a single unsigned value.
u(1) becomes the MSB, while u(4) is the LSB (this is as a result of how the for loop index is used toa ccess the values of u into temp).

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