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Error in port widths or dimensions. in RL output agent

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hello everyone,
i try to learn my agent in simulink but it gave me this error any idea ?
the Error is "Invalid setting for input port dimensions of 'untitled/Demux'. The dimensions are being set to [1x1]. This is not valid because the total number of input and output elements are not the same
Component:Simulink | Category:Model error
Error in port widths or dimensions. 'Output Port 1' of 'untitled/RL Agent' is a [1x1] matrix." the problem in the output of RL agent
i use the matlab 2022a any idea please ?

Answers (1)

Arkadiy Turevskiy
Arkadiy Turevskiy on 10 Jan 2024
Hi, there is not enough information to really help you. Can you share the code where you define and train your agent.
The error you are getting says that the action that agent creates is basically a scalar, but based on your Simulink model, it seems you expect it to be a vector with two signals.


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