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How can I setup the "FIR Rate Conversion HDL Optimized" block to give an evenly distributed output without the need for a FIFO?

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We are using the "FIR Rate Conversion HDL Optimized" block to convert from a 4 kHz to a 5 kHz signal.
The block outputs 5 valid data points per 1 ms (I input an evenly distributed 4 kHz data set), but they are not evenly distributed to give a traditional 5 kHz signal.
In the examples the output is read into a FIFO and then read out at the final frequency to evenly distribute the data pulses.
Is there any way or correct setup to obtain an evenly distributed output, without the need for an additional FIFO in my system?

Accepted Answer

Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 2 Aug 2023
This block provides output as soon as it is able to, so the output is not evenly spaced. You will need a small FIFO in this case to evenly space the output.

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