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Using 3rd party job scheduler to make a local high processing computer of multiple pcs

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I am trying to make an offline small cluster of 3 pcs to perform extensive simulations on parallel but I only have academic individual license. Is there anyway I can use a 3rd party job schdeuler to do so without Matlab Distributed Computing Server and if it is possible, if anyone can guide me I will greatly appreciate it.

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris on 4 Sep 2023
Hi @Hasan Khanzada. Have you checked that your university doesn't (A) have MATLAB Parallel Server and (B) if so, already have a cluster running with it?
I'm asking because you'll need a scheduler (which one are you using?) and MATLAB Parallel Server to seamlessly submit jobs from a client to the three machines. The alternative is to manually run MATLAB on each machine and then collate the results. However, this assumes you have enough individual licenses to run MATLAB (and toolboxes) on each machine.
Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris on 4 Sep 2023
I would suggest starting with their Site, since you'll also need documentation to download, install, configure, and run their software. But, you ought to be able to find their User Guide's here

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