MATLAB Editor bug? "There is no anonymous function"

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Hi all,
consider a simple anonymous function:
In a minimal example, I made a file which contains only this line. I then click on the left of the line to add a breakpoint. MATLAB Editor offers the choice: "Set breakpoint at beginning of line" or "Set breakpoint at anonymous function" . I choose "at anonymous function" and get the following error message:
"Cannot enable breakpoint(s) because of syntax error. There is no anonymous function on line 1 of file C:\...\tmp.m"
This is consistently reproducible with R2014b and R2015a and some earlier releases.
Why does MATLAB Editor offer to set a breakpoint at the anonymous function, and then doesn't manage to do so? Is it a bug? Is there a solution?
Thanks! V.

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Answers (1)

Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming on 13 Apr 2015
Its because your m file is in essence a script. Try creating a larger script and but a break point in the anonymous function and you will get the same result.
Convert script to a standard function file and it will work.
So I think it is a bug it shouldn't offer the ability to put a break point in an anonymous function which is saved as part of a script.


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