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NVIDIA A2 performance in Matlab R2023b is lousy

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We've got a new GPU: NVIDIA A2 (~1400€).
Its performance with Matlab R2023b is really bad.
Let's compare it with an old NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 Ti (~200€) by using gpuBench (double precision results, higher is better):
I wonder why it performs so bad. In all technical aspcets, the A2 is superior. Any idea?

Accepted Answer

Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 13 Oct 2023
Edited: Joss Knight on 13 Oct 2023
The A2's spec says its double precision performance is 140 GFLOPS vs the V100's 7 TFLOPS, so this is pretty much expected. Even its single precision performance is significantly worse. It also has a weak memory bandwidth.
I guess the lesson is that NVIDIA wants to give you a range of performance vs price trade-offs even with the latest architectures. I'm guessing the A2 is coming in at about 1/10th the price of the V100, or thereabouts?
I'll admit I'm less certain why it performs worse than the 1050. Obviously there are a lot of different factors involved, but you might want to contact NVIDIA. As a data center GPU it does have certain power and cooling requirements that could affect its performance if not done right.
Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 20 Oct 2023
Very useful to know, thanks for responding.
Matthias Wurm
Matthias Wurm on 20 Oct 2023
It's also not a computer/mainboard/bios-problem: In the same computer our Nvidia V100 works perfect.

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