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Proportional text font size, or editing font size when figure resize occurs?

Asked by Brian
on 15 Apr 2015
Latest activity Edited by Brian
on 22 Apr 2015
I've had some problems with this, and after looking online I've never really had a satisfactory answer to this.
What I want to do with my gui is set the static text size to a default size on a 720p monitor, with preset a figure position. I consider this my default, if the user has a different resolution, the text size is changed appropriately. I can get literally EVERYTHING else to change proportionally, and there isn't a problem with it. Text though is just a nuisance.
I would appreciate any advice on how to do this intelligently. I can manually resize the text size and wrap it if needed, but I want a fast, elegant way to do it dynamically on resize without manual processes. Is this possible?


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1 Answer

Answer by Dishant Arora on 15 Apr 2015
 Accepted Answer

get(0 , 'ScreenSize') % Gives the default screen size in pixels
get(0 , 'ScreenPixelsPerInch') % Gives the default Resolution
And if you want to get screen size in inches:
set(0 , 'Units' , 'Inch')
Hopefully this might help you


Thanks, I knew how to do this before though, I was wondering how this can be done automatically on resize.
As in, I resize the figure, and it does this automatically. I can resize the figure with another functions callback, but I have to initiate that manually. As in, I resize, push a button, then its fine.
Is there a way to initiate this resize automatically? Or set the properties such that they resize themselves?
Check out the doucmentation for windows resize callback function.
fun = @newfig;
figure('ResizeFcn' , fun);
function newfig(src , event)
% Your Code
Sorry, didn't get an email so I thought this went dead. I'll check the documentation, again thanks for this. It seems to be exactly what I need.
I've just recently branched out from GUIDE, so I'm still getting used to programmatic UI's.

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