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Unable to evaluate expression 'fimath('R​oundMode',​'floor',..​. 'OverFlowMode','wrap'... )' for fimath of block

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I have a simulink file using fi function. It can run on Matalb R2020a. But, if failed to run on Matlab R2021b version.
The error message is as below
Unable to evaluate expression 'fimath('RoundMode','floor',... 'OverFlowMode','wrap'... )' for fimath of block.
Would you pls help me to fix this issue? I need to use R2021b version to develop my new project based on fi function. Thanks
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Andy Bartlett
Andy Bartlett on 29 Nov 2023
Please provide simplified reproduction steps.
For example, a Simulink model saved in R202a, and any supporting files such as MATLAB m files.

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Answers (1)

Aiswarya on 22 Jan 2024
Edited: Aiswarya on 22 Jan 2024
Hi Jinbiao,
I understand that your code which involves the 'fimath' function works fine in MATLAB R2020a but errors out in MATLAB R2021b version. The reason why this may occur is starting from R2021a, inexact property names for 'fimath' are not supported. The property for overflow in your function should be 'OverflowAction' instead of 'OverFlowMode'. You can refer to the following link for all the properties of the 'fimath' function:




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