Unrecognized function or variable 'knnimpute'

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I have the stats and ml toolboxes installed, as well as the bioinformatics toolbox as well. If I try to run the function on an incomplete matrix I get the error in the title.
data = [2 3 3; NaN 5 4; 4 2 NaN];
How do I go about debugging this? I'm not familiear with matlab toolboxes, so I wasn't sure if they get automatically added to path or not.
OS is Arch running XFCE4, matlab release 2023b though that's probably not necessary information. Will update

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 1 Dec 2023
If you installed the Toolboxes using the installer, MATLAB should be able to access them.
Your posted code works here —
data = [2 3 3; NaN 5 4; 4 2 NaN];
ans = 3×3
2.0000 3.0000 3.0000 4.5000 5.0000 4.0000 4.0000 2.0000 2.0000
You may have a path problem.
Run these from a script or your Command Window:
rehash toolboxcache
then see if it solves the problem. If it does not, then Contact Support.
Alexander on 1 Dec 2023
This worked, I suspected it was a path issue but didn't know how to reset it. Thank you

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