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C2000 TI Microcontroller Code Generation isComplian​tArgumentN​ame(argNam​e)

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I am using a C2000 Microcontroller from TI. Can somebody provide assistant with the following issue? Thanks in advance!
I tried to use an IPC Transmit from a C28x CPU to a ARM M4 Cortex. The IPC Receive will only be excecuted in the Function-Call Subsystem if the Hardware-Interrupt is triggered.
Code generation assertion 'isCompliantArgumentName(argName)' failed in 'B:\matlab\src\rtwcg\tlc\BlockFcnEmitter.cpp:760'.

Accepted Answer

Aiswarya on 13 Feb 2024
Hi Marcel,
I understand that you are getting a "(isCompliantArgumentName(argName))" code generation assertion message. This assertion can be random, but generally occurs while generating code with S-function blocks inlined using TLC. You can install the MATLAB R2023b Update 4 in which this issue is fixed.
Another workaround for this issue is to remove the following line from the system target TLC file:
"%assign PreCodeGenExecCompliant = 1"

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