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Why I am getting this error message? Please HELP. Thanks

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Hi Everyone. I am facing a problem while connecting the FMU to the buses. I have one FMU which expects 9 inputs and I did clarify the same while using bus creator. But in the end i am getting this error which i am trying to solve for couple of hours but didn't get any solution. So if any knows about the same please help me. I would give details as well if you need any other information.

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Aiswarya on 1 Mar 2024
I understand that you are getting a value type mismatch error for a parameter, which states that it does not match the structure defined in modelDescription.xml file. This may happen if you have changed your parameters of FMU (added new parameters to the struct "refrigeration_Cycle_4WV_TLK_detailed_newBus" or changed the name of parameter) and regenerated the FMU. You may refer to the following steps to resolve the issue:
  1. Check if your parameter is present in the modelDescription.xml file. This can be found inside the "_fmu" folder created.
  2. Right click on your FMU block and navigate to Mask > Mask Parameters. In the Parameters section, you can find the "refrigeration_Cycle_4WV_TLK_detailed_newBus" struct of your FMU model. Ensure that it has the same parameters as mentioned in the modelDescription.xml file. In case of mismatch (missing/extra parameters) , you can modify the struct in the dialog box itself.
  3. Update your model. Once the parameter struct is ensured to be the same, the type mismatch error should get resolved.
Hope this helps!
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Abhishek on 5 Mar 2024
Thank you so much for the reply. Yes I changed a parameter name but then I just deleted and again put the import FMU block and uploaded the FMU model again and it worked. Anyways, thanks for your input I will keep this masking trick in mind.

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