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case sensitivity issue of "load" function

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I see in documentation here:
Matlab is case sensitve, however, I noticed that the load function is not case sensitive in some situation. for example, I have a file locate in path: C:/Test/abc.mat, I can read the file by
so my question is, is there anyway to make the load function case sensitivy, i.e. returns empty when I enter A=load('C:/test/abc.mat')
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Stephen23 on 30 Mar 2024
" there anyway to make the load function case sensitivy..."
No, because the behavior you describe is entirely due to your OS. It has nothing to do with MATLAB.

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Accepted Answer

John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 30 Mar 2024
Edited: John D'Errico on 30 Mar 2024
You cannot change the behavior of existing supplied code. If it works that way, then it does, and there is no way to tell load to be case sensitive on the file name.
Anyway, the thing is, the case sensitivity is probably not a MATLAB issue, but a file system issue. For example, I see that the help for exist tells me this:
NAME is case insensitive on Windows systems, and case sensitive for files and folder on UNIX systems.
Can you fix it anyway? Probably, but not without writing code of your own. You can test in advance to make sure that it finds the correct file. So write your own fmction, perhaps called CSload. Have it test to see if a file exists with the name in the case specified. Be careful though, because exist itself is not case sensitive. But you should be able to read the list of all files in a directory. Then test to see, using regexp, for example, if the desired pattern has a match. If it does not, then CSload would be written to return an error. If a file exists with exactly the name as specified, then just call load.

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