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How to specify column names by writematrix function in Appdesigner?

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I'm working in app designer. I store 4 columns of data to an excell file.
I have already specified the column names in excell and am using "VariableNamingRule", "preserve". But the column names are transformed into Var1, Var2 etc. or all column names are disappeared.
How do l solve this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Accepted Answer

Tiffany on 1 Apr 2024
Edited: Tiffany on 1 Apr 2024
A potential workaround would be to first use array2table to convert the array into a table and set the column labels by using the property 'VariableNames'. Then you can use writetable to export the data to an excel file.
writetable(array2table(insert_data, 'VariableNames', insert_col_labels), 'filename.xls')
piston_pim_offset on 22 Apr 2024
@Tiffany it workes when "append" option is selected for "writemode" in writetable command. But, when I overwrite the data the template is gone.

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