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How to ploting input signal by "Digilent Analog Discovery Pro 3450"

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I am currently trying to use a library to interface Analog Discovery with MATLAB. However, I am encountering an issue. I am practicing the Getting Started code from the Digilent toolbox, and there are no problems when using the Analog Discovery 2 (AD2_0) for Blocking Input Stream. However, when using the "Digilent Analog Discovery Pro 3450" (ADP3450_0), the Blocking Input Stream does not work. I have attached the plotted image below.
The plotting keeps getting stuck like the image below. How can I fix this? The code is as follows:
devices = daqlist %list devices
%Single Scan
Read data from 2 analog input channels the display data
dq = daq("digilent");
addinput(dq,"ADP3450_0", "ai0" ,'Voltage');
addinput(dq,"ADP3450_0", "ai1" ,'Voltage');
ss = read(dq)
%Blocking Input Stream
Read data for 2 analog input channels then plot
dq = daq("digilent");
addinput(dq, "ADP3450_0", "ai0" ,'Voltage');
addinput(dq, "ADP3450_0", "ai1" ,'Voltage');
systemRate = 1e8; %100Mhz max frequency for AD2_0
rDiv = uint32(1) % Rate divisor is expected to be integer
rate = systemRate/rDiv;
dq.Rate = rate; % 100Mhz
data = read(dq, 100);
title('Blocking Input Stream');
plot([data.ADP3450_0_ai0, data.ADP3450_0_ai1]);

Accepted Answer

Angelo Yeo
Angelo Yeo on 15 May 2024
Unfortunately, Analog Discovery Pro 3450 is not a supported hardware. Only Analog Discovery (LEGACY) and Analog Discovery 2 are supported. See the page below for more information.
Please go to this page to request a new hardware support.
Angelo Yeo
Angelo Yeo on 20 May 2024 at 0:45
@도균: That's good to know. However, unfortunately, I'm not so sure about the third-party toolboxes. I think I only told you about MathWorks' hardware support package. Moreover, I do not have the device, so I cannot reproduce the issue for you. You can ask @Digilent.

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