what does it mean: "MaxNumSplits is not a valid parameter name"

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I use follow code in command line
templ = templateTree('MaxNumSplits',4);
ens = fitensemble(X,Y,'LSBoost',50,templ);
And got follow message:
Error using classreg.learning.FitTemplate/fillIfNeeded (line 533)
MaxNumSplits is not a valid parameter name.
Error in classreg.learning.modelparams.EnsembleParams/fillDefaultParams (line 622)
learner = fillIfNeeded(learner,this.Type);
I don't know why MaxNumSplits is not a valid parameter name?
who can explain it? thank you ....

Accepted Answer

MHN on 21 Jan 2016
I believe the Matlab version that you are using does not support MaxNumSplits. To check this, type
help templateTree
and see whether you can find the parameter name "MaxNumSplits" or not.

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