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i want to determine common sub sequence on array

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i want find common sub sequence from sequence output should be like
if we look 1,2,3 is common sub sequence between all array and also 9,10
Guillaume on 29 Apr 2015
Edited: Guillaume on 29 Apr 2015
I'd recommend that you read this wikipedia page on the problem and code the algorithm described there.
Possibly, there's also something on fileexchange.
Stephen23 on 29 Apr 2015
@abduall hassn: Are the element values unique within each vector?

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Accepted Answer

pfb on 29 Apr 2015
You can use the builtin function "intersect"
i = intersect(a,b);
i = intersect(i,c);
i = intersect(i,h)
The last i should contain only the elements common to all sequences.
If your sequences have all the same length, you can put them in a matrix, and loop over its rows. Otherwise you can build a cell array, so that you can loop, as opposed to writing one instruction for each intersection you need to do.
pfb on 29 Apr 2015
the output of what I propose is
i = [ 1 2 3 9 10]
pfb on 29 Apr 2015
mmm, perhaps now I get it... you want the common sub-sequences (plural).
Not sure my solution is the optimal one, but it contains what you're looking for.
You can break the sub sequences by checking the difference between adjacent elements in i.

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