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GUI help . Add List box++pushbutton in GUI for importing data subsets and select multiple data imported for further analysis

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karan on 16 Nov 2011
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hi i want to add a pustbutton that can select multiple files
function of push-button:-
  1. Select multiple files for importing data from those files(.txt preferred)
  2. I want to show these selected file names in the listbox
  3. then select these files in the listbox and apply a push-button such that the data only from these selected files go under the analysis procedure...
I know how to add them to through the GUIDE but I don't know the programming behind exp in GUI is minimum and limited
many thanks for your assistance.

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Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming on 17 Nov 2011
help dialog
help uicontrol

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