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Matlab cannot find SD card - Support Package for Raspberry Pi

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Kamil Antos
Kamil Antos on 29 Apr 2015
Commented: Osama Habib on 5 May 2019
Hi, I am struggling with installation Support Package for Raspberry Pi process. Matlab cannot find my SD Card even if windows does. I tried internal SD port in my workstation and external one (SD to USB) in all usb ports. Every time I am able to open SD cart, format it, copy and delete files in windows, but Matlab still cannot find SD card. Do you have suggestions?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Feb 2018
"The support on here for the issue with Simulink and matlab is rubbish to be honest,it pure guess work with no straight answer."
Well, if someone wants to send me an Raspberry Pi... and an SD card of the same make and size (in case make turns out to be important)... and a PC with appropriate hardware slots... and at least 5 times as many hours in the day... and better health... and all the applicable source code...
The volunteers do what they can. For non-rubbish answers you should create a Technical Support case with Mathworks.

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Accepted Answer

Kamil Antos
Kamil Antos on 4 May 2015
Problem solved: Start MATLAB using "Run as administrator"
Ross Savage
Ross Savage on 30 Jul 2016
Leaving the Support Package Installer running, restarting the main Matlab window (as administrator) and running the "targetupdater" command did the trick for me. Thanks to Daron Berger.

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Fabian Moreno
Fabian Moreno on 2 Jun 2016
Why does matlab needs the SD card? do i have to plug it later into the raspberry or what?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Jun 2016
The SD card will contain the program that is used to communicate between MATLAB and the raspberry

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Jean-Baptiste Tanguy
Jean-Baptiste Tanguy on 24 Oct 2016
Good evening, I got the same problem with the SD card on Matlab. Matlab couldn't find my SD Card even if windows did. So, I runned Matlab as administrator and Matlab detected my SD card. But, it isn't possible to write on it, I got this error : "Error writing firmware to the memory card: An error occurred while locking the SD card volume. An error occurred while unlocking the SD card volume". Meanwhile, my SD card is unlocked, so I don't understand.
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reenarosilin raj
reenarosilin raj on 10 Feb 2017
Hi i have problem in installing support package Error writing firmware to the memory card: An error occurred while writing to the SD card. The system cannot find the file specified.can an one tell how to rectify

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Yaser Arafat
Yaser Arafat on 29 Mar 2018
Edited: Yaser Arafat on 29 Mar 2018
that problem occurs if wmic is not found. Try following steps
1. right click on my computer and go to properties.
2. click on advance system setting and open environment variable
3. Create new system variable name "path" and variable path "C:\Windows\System32\wbem;"
4. Restart your system and retry the Raspberry Pi settings from MATLAB-->manage add-on option
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Osama Habib
Osama Habib on 5 May 2019
I have applied the changes and i'm successfull in finding sd card
Thanks a lot.

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michael pak
michael pak on 24 Jan 2019
I am running matlab as admin and still nothing shows up when trying to locate the SD, what do i do?

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