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how to eliminate the blank between subplot ?

Asked by Roger
on 6 May 2015
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on 6 May 2015
what i mean is to make subplot box close to each other


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2 Answers

Answer by Michael Haderlein on 6 May 2015
 Accepted Answer

Use the set command and the position property. Here is one example with zero spacing between the 2x2 axes and a 0.1 frame around them:
figure, subplot(2,2,1),plot(rand(3)),set(gca,'xtick',[],'ytick',[])
set(ha(1),'position',[.5 .1 .4 .4])
set(ha(2),'position',[.1 .1 .4 .4])
set(ha(3),'position',[.5 .5 .4 .4])
set(ha(4),'position',[.1 .5 .4 .4])
Instead of getting the axes handles as figure children, you could also save them during creation as subplot.

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nice work,thanks

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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 6 May 2015

create all subplots first before trying to move them around. If you try to move them around before they are all created, chances are good that you will accidentally end up with subplot() deleting some of the subplots.
Once all the subplots are created, set() the Position property of their handles. For example,
for K = 1 : 6
h(K) = subplot(1,6,K);
set(h(2), 'Position', [.... some new location ....]);

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thanks ,also good

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